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7 Moving Tips to Settle Into Your New Home

7 Moving Tips to Settle Into Your New Home

Moving to a new community and home, whether it’s 1,000 miles away or just across town; involves a lot of planning and attention to detail. Much attention goes into getting moved out, but getting moved in is just as important. Here are 7 moving tips to settle into your new home:

No Clutter1: Unpack the essentials

With a little planning you can create an “open first” box that will have your essentials for the first few days. If you’re not moving everything yourself, plan for the possibility of arriving before your stuff does. Toiletries, medicine, a few changes of clothes, and basic kitchen items (such as a can opener, wooden spoon, cutting knife, one pot and one pan) are good examples of must-have items.

2: Help your pets acclimate

A move can leave pets excited and scared. If possible, do not leave them unattended in the yard. Staying in their presence will be calming and lessens the chance of runaways.

3: Get the kids settled

If your things have arrived, help each child set up their bed and unpack one box of toys. Otherwise, get them excited about “camping” in their new home. Make sure you have a bag with their few favorite toys, or for teens and pre-teens, some electronics and books or magazines.

4: Go to the grocery store

Consider eating out the first night, and buy essential groceries on the way home. Focus on easy-to-make foods and quick snack items. Buy any cleaning supplies that you need. If you have a pet, buy any food and supplies not already in your “essentials” box.

5: Cover the windows

If your home doesn’t yet have window coverings, hang sheets up to add privacy and security.

6: Set a finish linechecklist

Make a list specifying the order in which you will unpack and complete other moving-in tasks. Creating a list will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

7: Get the lay of the land

Walk through your new home to check the heating, air conditioning, and electricity, as well as all appliances. Take your family on a walk through the neighborhood to learn your surroundings, and if possible meet your neighbors.


This is by no means everything you need to know about getting settled, but it’s a good place to start. Do you need to find a good plumber, a carpet layer, a painter and so on? Take a look at Wendy’s Resource List on for her recommendations!

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Free Homes in Sicily?

This article originally appeared on the Bankrate® website on June 25, 2015. The article was written by Judy Martel and can be viewed in its entirety here under its original title, “Free-home offer hard to refuse“.

Free Homes in Sicily?

By Judy Martel ·
Thursday, June 25, 2015


At first glance, the Sicilian town of Gangi’s offer to give away houses seems too good to refuse. But in fact, the homes need a little more than a fresh coat of paint.


© Bruno Morandi/Hemis/Corbis

The price is right! So far more than 100 homes in Gangi have been claimed.
© Bruno Morandi/Hemis/Corbis

Dilapidated for years

Many of the homes being offered have been abandoned for generations. New owners, who acquire a dwelling from the local government either for free or for a nominal fee, have four years to make it livable, according to the New York Times.

The abandoned homes are the result of waves of immigrants leaving Sicily for a better life in the U.S. According to Gangi’s mayor, the town’s population shrank from approximately 16,000 in the 1950s to approximately 7,000 today.

A difficult economy has kept buyers away — until now, that is. The town is enjoying a revival of sorts, with “dozens” of potential homebuyers seeking a holiday retreat, according to the Times.

Sicilian renaissance

Located in between Palermo and Catania, Gangi was considered too far from the sea to be a tourist attraction, Mayor Giuseppe Ferrarello told the Times. But the offer of free homes has “set in motion a mechanism that was previously unthinkable for a city in the center of Sicily,” he said.

So far, the unorthodox approach seems to be fruitful: The local government streamlined its notoriously tangled bureaucracy to facilitate the process and so far more than 100 houses have been given away or sold for less than market prices.

Interested in buying in Italy? Here’s what you need to know before calling the country home.


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This article originally appeared on the Bankrate® website on June 25, 2015. The article was written by Judy Martel and can be viewed in its entirety here under its original title, “Free-home offer hard to refuse“.