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Don’t Forget The Garage

February 27, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

So you have decided to sell your home and you are in the process of getting it ready to put on the market.  More than likely your realtor has told you to “declutter” your home before it goes on the market.  This is a task that not too many people really enjoy.  What can you live without for a few months or longer, what items are best not seen by potential buyers, etc.  This is actually a great opportunity for you to start sorting out your stuff, deciding if you have items that you never use that could be given away or thrown out, by starting this sorting process now, you will have less to sort when your actual moving day comes!  Some people just really don’t want to sort and organize or don’t have the time.  If this is the case I would suggest using one of the many organizing companies I have available on my resource list.  They can work with you or do the job for you.  If you decide to declutter your home on your own there are a few things to remember!  You want your home to appear organized and spacious.  Buyers are looking in your cupboards and closets, so don’t cram all your items into closets and cabinets.  Buyers will see this as a home that does not have enough storage space.  The other mistake many sellers make is to just toss everything into the garage.  Don’t forget the garage is really an important room in the home!  Many men and women like to have a work space in the garage, they want to park their vehicles out there, store the bicycles and some toys, etc.  I you pile all your stuff out there it makes the garage seem small and unusable.  If you really have a lot of stuff a great idea is to rent one of those storage pod containers.  Have it delivered to your home, load it up with your stuff and then send it off to storage until you move.  So many sellers have their garages piled full of stuff and most buyers do not like to see that.  So, keep your home looking spacious in the visible and invisible areas – it will help buyers see the true space that your home has and possibly get your home sold faster!

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