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Increase the Value of Your Home

March 13, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

Many people are looking to make some home improvements, some because they want to sell, some just to update their homes.  Here is a rundown of a few areas and what I would suggest you do to increase the value of your home.

Repairs:  Repairs keep your home in shape, putting of repairs now will most likely lead to spending even more money on bigger problems later especially if they are issues like the roof.  Part of owning a home is caring for it.  If you are looking to sell your home a well maintained home will be more attractive to buyers – they will feel comfortable buying your home and not having to wonder what will fall apart next.

Energy Efficiency:  These days it is all about saving energy.  Put in some low use toilets, faucets or shower heads, these are fairly inexpensive fixes.  If you need a new water heater, water softener, furnace or A/C, look for the energy star for efficient models.  Buyers like to see these feature and if you are staying in your home you will save money!

The Kitchen:  This is always a good investment if you do a nice job.  The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in a home, you want to have a nice kitchen that fits your home and is fairly up to date.  You can also put in new energy efficient appliances which add to value.

The Bathrooms:  You can do a lot in a bathroom for very little money and it will make a difference.  There is no bigger turn off than a dirty old bathroom.  Take down the wallpaper, freshen up the paint, maybe some new faucets, light fixtures or countertops.  Just a few small fixes can really spruce up a bathroom.

Now whether you are moving or staying, your home will seem rejuvenated and you will increase the value for a small investment.


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