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Do I Need An Inspection

April 6, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

Many of my buyers really rely on having an inspection on the home they are going to purchase but sometimes buyers wonder if they need an inspection.  Unless your are very knowledgeable about construction yourself I always recommend getting an inspection.  Many buyers want to cut costs and if the home is newer they don’s see the need to do an inspection but just because a home is new does not mean it is free and clear of issues.  By spending a bit of money for an inspection up front you can save yourself a lot of money down the road!

What are some of the reasons why an inspection is beneficial?

  • The home may have had a lot of work done and look great, but who did the work?  Did the homeowner do it himself?  Were permits pulled?  Is is all up to code?
  • Are the HVAC components working correctly?  Is the water softener really softening the water, is the furnace working efficiently, how about the sump pump?
  • Just because something is new is no guarantee.  Was the item installed correctly, are there any defects, is it performing as it should?
  • If the home seems to perfect, it just may be.  Perhaps all that fresh paint and flooring are covering up old issues, don’t be fooled, let an inspector check it all out for you
  • Once you buy the home, it is too late.  Spend the money to do the inspection up front to give you piece of mind and save yourself the trouble of ending up with big repair bills after you move in for items that could have been handled by the seller or worse case you may not have even purchased the home had you known.

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