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Smaller Lot Sizes

July 6, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

The trend in the Twin Cities these days seems to be toward smaller lot sizes. In the past it was most common to have 100 ft. wide lots but right now most new developments are looking at 60-65 ft.  Ryland and Pulte homes both say that their new developments are mostly smaller lot sizes.  There are many reasons for the change such as being able to offer a better home at a lower price with the smaller lot, better lots, people downsizing that are not ready for a townhome but don’t want all that yard work and young families that are too busy for yard work.

These days so many families are dual income, so there is not as much time to spend on the yard, many parents prefer a better school district and are willing to settle for a smaller lot in the right district and the kids today have so many scheduled activities that they are not spending much time in the backyard either.  With all these factors, the smaller lot sizes are just working better in most developments.  There are still larger lots to be had but the smaller ones are the current trend.  Now would be townhome buyers are able to buy a single family home for about the same price with the smaller lot sizes and they don’t have all the work of a large lot.

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