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Buyer Considerations

August 2, 2012 |  Article By : 

You have decided to buy a house – there are a few buyer considerations you should have in mind before you get started.  Buying a home seems like a fairly easy task but there are many things that you need to think about and plan for before you can really find the right home.

  • Where do you want to live?  You might really like a nice acreage property but if you work in the city are you prepared for the long commute time and gas prices?  Do you want to live near your family?  Is the school district an important factor? What about the area you like – will it be good for resale?  Even the location of the lot in the community is important – on a corner or not, wooded or not, on a busy street or not.  Where do you really want to live?
  • What can you live with?  Everyone has their list of dream home items but most of us are not able to afford all these items.  What can you live with and what do you really need vs. what do you want but could live without.  If you know this ahead of time it will make finding your new home easier.
  • What can you afford?  Make sure you are pre-qualified with your loan officer before you set out looking for homes so you know your price range.  Not only do you need to know your purchase price range, but what can you afford once you move in?  Can you afford to remodel, add a deck or have other necessary maintenance done on the home?

These points may seem simple but make sure you have carefully thought them out before you start looking for your home.  It will make the home buying process much more pleasant and much easier.

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