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New Housing Trend

September 10, 2012 |  Article By : 

There is a new housing trend picking up traction here in the Twin Cities – the trend is multigenerational housing.  Around most of the world it is common for two or more generations to live under one roof but here in the US we have lost that tradition.  Back in 1980 about 12% of homes had more than one generation and now we are up to 17%.  Part of the reason for this trend is economic – many people cannot afford to live on their own or purchase the home they want on their own and another large factor is the number of people living here that have moved from other countries that want to continue the tradition of living with their extended family.  Lennar has a new development in Maple Grove that specifically targets this trend.  They are building homes that have an apartment in them – with a separate entrance, kitchen, bedroom – basically an apartment within a home.  If you have aging parents, or adult children that may want or need to live with you, or your parents are providing daycare and babysitting for your children, multigenerational housing may be an option to consider.

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