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Fall Market

September 21, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

We are now into the fall market in real estate, school has started, we in Minnesota are thinking about comfort foods and then the thought of selling the house enters the mind.  If you have had your home listed you tend to think it is time to take it off the market and try again in the spring.  If you want to sell you think it might be best to wait for spring.  I mean really does anyone sell a home in the fall and winter?  The answer is YES!  Keep your home listed and if you haven’t listed, go right ahead and list.  Because fall/winter are slower times, there are fewer listings on the market and simple economics says low supply, higher prices.  People that want or need to move are still shopping for their new home in the fall and winter so why not have yours out there in the smaller inventory pool?  Bake some apple crisp to make your home smell homey before a showing and see how quickly your home will sell.  Sure, spring and summer have the high sales numbers but you also have a lot more competition – if people are motivated they will buy any time of the year! So before cancelling your listing or not listing at all because of the fall market, take a serious look at the pros and cons.

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