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Selling a Vacant Home

October 16, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

Selling a vacant home can be a bit of a challenge!  If you have an older home that is not updated, you can price it accordingly and advertise it as a fixer upper or needs tlc and in this case being vacant is not an issue.  If your home is up to date and is in good condition, being vacant can be a bit more tricky but sometimes you need to move before your home is sold so what do you do?

Once you move out all the imperfections show up – carpet stains, fade spots on the flooring and walls, holes and marks on the walls and more. Without furniture a home often appears smaller as well.  There are several things you can do to try and help your home sell.

Have your home staged. It does not have to be your entire home but the main floor and maybe the master bedroom.  There are a wide range of staging options available depending on your needs. By staging your home will simply look better.

If it is going to be vacant, take the time and small expense to have your walls patched and painted in a neutral color, get your carpets cleaned and repair any other minor damages to the home that are obvious.

Make sure your home stays fresh. If you turn off the heat and/or a/c, it will become stuffy and unpleasant, so leave those running as well as the fan for circulation.

Spruce up your exterior.  You can only do so much to an empty home but remember the buyer’s first impression is the outside.  Make sure your yard is mowed or snow is shoveled, trees and shrubs are pruned, the exterior paint should not be chipping off, leaves are raked and anything else that will give your home a very orderly first appearance.

I sell vacant homes all the time but these tips may help you with selling a vacant home a bit quicker!

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