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Foreclosure Deals Dissipating

March 11, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

6738120_sSince the housing market crash, most buyers have become professional bargain hunters, everyone wants a steal, but those foreclosure deals are dissipating!  According to BusinessInsider.com, the discount on the purchase of a foreclosed home is now about 12% which is about the same as the pre-housing market crash discount.  The discount hit its high point in around 2010 with a 30% discounted price on foreclosures but it has been steadily falling ever since. Currently there are many more homes on the market as short sales rather than foreclosures.  So if you are looking for that amazing deal on a foreclosure you may have a hard time finding it, and if you do find it, chances are it will end up being a multiple offer situation which will drive up the price.

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