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Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

March 20, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

for sale sign smallThere may be many reasons as to why your home is on the market and not selling, but some of the more common issues are listed below. Remember when you are selling your home, you need to take a step back and look at your home from a buyer’s point of view, not from what you think is acceptable. You have an emotional attachment to your home that will need to be put aside in order to make correct decisions when it comes to actually getting your home sold.

  1. Where is your home located? Are you on a busy corner? Is there an industrial park across the street? These locations may not be what most buyers are interested in purchasing.
  2. A poor floor plan. Especially if your home is older there may have been multiple renovations made which over time have made the floor plan less than desirable.  Examples of this would be having to walk through a bedroom to get to the other bedroom, the only access to the backyard is through a bedroom, a bathroom right off the dining room.
  3. What condition is your home in?  Are lots of repairs needed? Many buyers are looking for a move-in ready home.
  4. Is your home dated? Do you have wallpaper all over, shag carpeting, moss green Formica? These types of things tell buyers that the home is old and not updated.
  5. Are you the largest, fanciest and most expensive home in your neighborhood? This will look to buyers as a home that doesn’t really fit in.

These 5 items can all be easily resolved with proper pricing.  Even though you love living on a busy corner with shag carpeting and you don’t mind the bathroom right off the dining room, most people will not pay top dollar for your home with these issues.  Any home priced correctly will sell, that is a fact, so please check with your listing agent to price your home accordingly.

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