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Is Your Realtor The Problem

April 5, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

REALTORHome buyers and sellers tend to always blame their Realtor when things do not go as they had planned, but is your Realtor the problem? Buyers and sellers are quick to just jump to a different Realtor if they don’t see the results they want in a short amount of time but this is not always the best decision.  Working with a Realtor is a two way street where each party needs to do their part. Sure there are all types of Realtors out there and not all Realtors are the same but you need to think about why you chose the Realtor you did and why the relationship is not working as you had planned.

If you are a buyer that is not finding the right property, think about what your Realtor has recommended and what you have put into the search.  Have you been open and honest with your home search criteria?  Have you made your schedule flexible so you can view properties when they come onto the market?  If you have lost out on homes in multiple offer situations, but not followed your Realtor’s suggestions on making an offer? Your Realtor can only do so much to find homes for you and they cannot read your mind to know what you are looking for. It is up to the buyer to also put in a certain amount of effort and to accept some guidance.

Is your home on the market and not selling? Have you priced your home as your Realtor suggested based on comparable properties? Is your home staged correctly and kept neat and orderly. Are you allowing showings when buyers request them? Don’t forget to take your emotions out of the sale. Just because you love your home as it is does not mean the buyers see it the same way. Let your Realtor give you an objective opinion and seriously consider what they have to say.

Sometimes it is necessary to switch Realtors because let’s face it, not everyone “clicks”. But often buyers and sellers blame their Realtor for things that are actually their own fault. Before you move on to a new Realtor take a good thorough look at your situation and make sure that not only your Realtor, but you are also doing everything you can to buy or sell a home.

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