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Fear of Buying the Wrong House

purchase agreement1Buyers, especially first time home buyers, seem to have a fear of making an offer on a home that they really like as they have this fear of buying the wrong house, maybe something better will come along.  Through the home search buyers learn that new properties matching their search criteria come on the market every day, so how can buyers be sure that they have chosen the best home out there for their needs?

For one thing, most buyers have looked at many homes before they actually write up a purchase agreement. Buyers have learned that often what looks like the perfect house online is everything but perfect when they see it in person.  Of the 13,000 or so homes currently on the market in the Twin Cities, you have chosen to look at a very small percentage of them that matched your search criteria and of those you have normally only chosen one to write a purchase agreement on. This alone should be a sign that homes that are right for you are few and far between.

What about missing out on a good deal? It is a fact that distressed homes are rapidly declining in the market and with the low home inventory, prices are on the rise for all homes.  Even if you find a great home at a great price you will most likely end up in a multiple offer situation and would your offer be good enough to win the bidding war?

Better homes will always come on the market, meaning that there is no end to the problem of a possibly better home being out there. You need to make sure that the home you are making the offer on is a home that fits your criteria for the most part and that you will be happy living in. A home in not a life sentence! You can always choose to sell and move down the road if the situation is right.

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