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Sellers and the Buyers Inspection

June 18, 2013 |  Article By : 

house_inspectedThe buyer’s inspection can be a big issue for some sellers.  Most sellers love their home and don’t see any faults in it and when the buyers start asking for fixes after the inspection the sellers are offended. There are a few things or sellers to keep in mind to help this inspection process go smoothly.

  • First of all, try to look at the inspection from the buyer’s perspective. They don’t know you or your home and the last thing they want is to buy a home that is cosmetically great yet falling apart behind the sheetrock. If you are going to purchase another home you will want to make sure everything is in working order, so give the buyers of your home that same courtesy.
  • Even if your home is practically brand new there may be some issues that you don’t even know about yet. Don’t feel that the buyers or the inspection are saying that you are a bad homeowner. Everything has a lifetime and it could be that although the a/c works fine right now it is about to quit running which you would have no way of knowing without having had it inspected.
  • Leave your emotions out of it. Just because you love your home as it is and you love the way you fixed the plumbing under the kitchen sink does not mean that the buyers and their inspector will love it as well. Don’t take it personally if they request a redo on your work.

Homes wear out in time, which is normal. You as the seller need to look at the inspection report objectively and respond in a professional non-emotional manner. Inspectors are paid to go in and find problems and they will always find things, which is their job. Be willing to negotiate with the buyers within reason to the deal done.

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