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Summer Sales Tips

July 9, 2013 |  Article By : 

porch with gardenThe warm weather usually means more buyers are out and sellers have a better chance of selling their homes. Just because the weather is nice doesn’t mean it will be easy to sell. There are a few things that you can and should do to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers in the summer months.

  • Don’t skimp on using the a/c. Buyers need to feel comfortable and the a/c will not only keep the temperature nice, it will get the dampness out and keep the air circulating. Don’t go overboard, though, a cold house will make the buyers rush to get out!
  • Keep your lawn mowed, the bushes trimmed and the weeds pulled.
  • Make sure your windows are clean and have window treatments open to brighten up the home.
  • Add some pretty potted flowers around the front of the home and on the deck or patio.
  • Put some fresh cut flowers in vases in the house.
  • Set out fresh fruit in the kitchen to make it look refreshing and inviting.
  • If you have a deck or patio, put out your furniture including the cushions, put up the umbrella, make it look like you are about ready to entertain.
  • If you have a fountain or pool, make sure they are clean and running correctly.
  • Put away your winter items to free up space in the closets.

Especially in Minnesota, this time of year, people want to “live” outdoors so make the outside of your home as inviting as the inside.

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