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Why You Should Sell Now

July 19, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

9043039_sMany homeowners are wondering, “Why sell now”? If the market is getting better shouldn’t we wait? Right now is a great time to sell for many reasons. Some of the better reasons are:

  • Sales prices have increased 14.5% in the past year, so you will get more for your home.
  • Traditional homes sold in just 68 days for 97.7% of their original list price in June 2013.
  • Interest rates are on the rise, right now they are at around 4.5%. The higher they go, the less home buyers can afford.
  • Inventory is still very low but starting to increase slightly. There are 17.2% fewer homes for sale than in June 2012 but 17.4% more than in January 2013.
  • School will be starting again soon and many buyers want to be moved in before the new school year starts, so they need to buy now.

If you are on the fence about selling your home, contact me for a no obligation discussion. Your home may be worth more than you think and I can help you decide if now is the right time for you to sell your home or not!

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