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How’s Your Refrigerator?

August 12, 2013 |  Article By : 

refrig interiorYour home is listed for sale, you have cleaned the carpets, painted the walls, de-cluttered, spiffed up the exterior, and landscaping, now it is ready for buyers. Maybe not! How’s your refrigerator? Buyers imagine themselves in your home when they have a showing. Kitchens and bathrooms are areas that can really make or break a deal because buyers want to see clean. You might be surprised, but about 3/4 of my buyers actually open the refrigerator and look inside. If it is dirty, has bad food, is over stuffed to the point of items falling out it sends a bad message. Do yourself a favor and take everything out of the refrigerator and freezer, give it a good wipe down, and put the items back in an orderly fashion. Maybe stick a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb any unwanted odors. A buyer will be thinking of putting their own food in your refrigerator, so they want it clean. It is something most people don’t think about but it is worthwhile to have a clean and orderly refrigerator. At least, it can’t hurt!

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