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Who’s Back In The Market

August 14, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

9518793_sDid you know that one in ten home buyers this year have been through a short sale or foreclosure? This number is more than double the number of the same type of buyers in 2012.  If people keep their credit in tip top shape, pay bills on time, have a good employment record, and save money for a down payment it is possible to get certain types of mortgages just two to three years after a foreclosure or short sale. The length of time can also depend on the circumstances of the foreclosure or short sale, such as an illness, layoff or death. Divorce is not one of those circumstances that helps. With around 150,000 homes in Minnesota being sold as foreclosures or short sales from 2005 to 2012, that makes for a lot of former homeowners that could get back into the housing market as buyers! If you have been through a short sale or foreclosure and would like to buy a home, contact your mortgage banker to see what your options are.

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