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Home Staging Don’ts

August 20, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

over stuffed closetIt helps your home sell if you have it staged nicely, but there are a few things that really turn off buyers. While they may seem minor to you, in a buyer’s mind they start planting seeds of doubt as to the overall state of your home. Stage your home properly to keep the buyers interested.

  • Turn off the perfume store smells! Use air purifiers to remove smells from your home. Buyers assume you have something to hide if you have strong scents of fruits and/or perfume. There are also many buyers with perfume allergies which makes all those scents a real turn off!
  • When you de clutter and stage your home, don’t stuff everything into closets and storage areas. Rent a storage pod and put things you don’t need in there and have it taken to storage. Buyers DO look in closets and they want to see spacious closets, not packed full ones.
  • Have all your lights in working order and all the bulbs too. It does not look good when only one of three bulbs in a lamp works. It may seem minor, but buyers will take note.
  • Put pets in kennels or take them with you for showings. Not everyone is an animal lover. Even animal lovers don’t want to see your kitty walking all over the kitchen counters or be jumped on by your dog.
  • Put your personal papers away. Don’t leave repair bills, financial statements, and the like lying around for the buyers to see. Buyers do see more than you may think, so put your papers away.
  • The garage is part of your home. Make sure your garage is fairly clean, neat and tidy and not stacked to the gills with your stuff that would not fit anywhere else.
  • Keep your yard looking great. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, pull the weeds. The first impression a buyer has is the exterior of your home.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean, the exterior paint is in order, walkways are clear, and your home looks inviting.

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