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Preparing to Move

September 20, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

9150721_sYou are buying a home and/or have sold your home. Now it is time to prepare for the move. What are some things you need to keep in mind? This is just a partial list, but these are important items to ensure a smooth move. Two months may seem like plenty of time, but if you don’t start early, the time will pass by quickly and before you know it moving day will arrive.

One to two months out:

  • Line up a moving company or moving truck
  • If you need storage, find and reserve a storage facility
  • Start sorting your stuff – maybe hold a garage sale or donate items to charity
  • If you are moving yourself, start looking for boxes
  • Start eating the grocery items you have on hand so you will have less to move or toss out

One month or less to move:

  • Fill out address change form with the post office
  • Arrange for new insurance and to transfer current policies
  • Start packing items you won’t be needing before the move
  • Set up final utility readings and set up new accounts for your new home

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