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One Red Paper Clip

April 9, 2015 |  Article By : 


“This red paperclip is currently sitting on my desk next to my computer. I want to trade this paperclip with you for something bigger or better, maybe a pen, a spoon, or perhaps a boot.
If you promise to make the trade I will come and visit you, wherever you are, to trade. Hope to trade with you soon!
I’m going to make a continuous chain of ‘up trades’ until I get a house. Or an Island. Or a house on an island. You get the idea.”

And that is the first blog that started a year long adventure for Kyle McDonald, a Canadian blogger. Being inspired by a childhood game “Bigger, Better”, Kyle set out to trade his way up from a simple red paperclip, to a home of his own. He made the following trades through his blog to achieve the final result:

1) July 14, 2005 – Vancouver-  traded the red paperclip for a fish-shaped pen. The same day, that pen was traded for a hand-sculpted doorknob.

2) July 25, 2005– Amherst, Massachusetts- traded the doorknob for a Coleman camp stove.

3) September 24, 2005– California- traded the camp stove for a Honda generator.

4) November 16, 2005– Maspeth, Queens-  made a second successful attempt (after having the generator confiscated by the New York City Fire Department) to trade the generator for an “instant party”: an empty keg, an IOU for filling the keg with the beer of the holder’s choice, and a neon Budweiser sign.

5) December 8, 2005–  traded the “instant party” to Quebec comedian and radio personality Michel Barrette for one Ski-doo snowmobile.

6) December 2005– traded the snowmobile for a two-person trip to Yahk, British Columbia.

7) January 7, 2006–  traded the second spot on the Yahk trip for a cube van.

8) February 22, 2006– Mississauga, Ontario – traded the cube van for a recording contract with Metalworks.

9) April 11, 2006– Phoenix, Arizona- traded the recording contract to Jody Gnant for one year’s rent.

10) April 26, 2006– traded the one year’s rent in Phoenix, Arizona, for one afternoon with Alice Cooper.

11) May 26, 2006– traded the one afternoon with Alice Cooper for a KISS motorized snow globe.

12) June 2, 2006– traded the KISS motorized snow globe to Corbin Bernsen for a role in the film “Donna on Demand”.

13) July 5, 2006– traded the movie role for a two-story farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan.







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