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Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

February 27, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

Most people in Minnesota are tired of winter at this point but don’t forget curb appeal if you are trying to sell your house!  You are tired of shoveling snow and really tired of the ice on your driveway and walkway and the icicles hanging from your roof but you need to clean things up. When buyers come to your home the first thing they will see is a driveway not properly cleared, no path to the mailbox and ice hanging from the roof which makes them wonder what happened to your pride of ownership – is the entire home in a state of disrepair? Just by having a completely clear driveway, a completely clear walk way with no ice, mailbox access and by getting rid of all the icicles you are telling buyers before they even enter your home that it is well cared for and in top shape. The buyers are also tired of winter and especially slipping on ice and trudging through snow to enter homes they want to see, so make you home stand out with a great first impression. The extra hard work will pay off!  While you are at it, shovel off that deck and patio as well so the buyers can see how great it would be in the summer!