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A Useful App

January 18, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

Are you shopping for a home and wondering how your furniture would fit in the rooms. Sure the websites list room dimensions but where were the windows, how far does the fireplace stick out? Maybe you own a home and just want a plan of a room to take to the store to choose some new tile but you don’t have one. These issues and questions come up a lot and many times you don’t have the plans for your home. If you have an iphone or an ipad, your worries are over, simply download the free Magic Plan App in the itunes store and by taking photos with your device this app creates a floor plan of a room or home.

A few things you can do with Magic Plan are:

  • Evaluate how your furniture will fit
  • Estimate a renovation or repair
  • Enable 3D visualizing
  • Create a floor plan

Take a look at this short video to see how the app works.