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Showings Are Down, Sales Are Up

May 28, 2013 |  Article By :   | 

Showings are down and sales are up in the Twin Cities. Why is this happening?


Home inventory is way down and buyers are out in full force. Due to the lack of inventory the buyers don’t have many homes coming up in their searches to actually go out and look at. Since there is less to choose from they are looking at fewer homes and then making their decision to buy. Just a year ago, buyers had a seemingly endless supply of homes that fit their search criteria but now they are lucky if a few come up. They are not waiting for something better to come along as homes are selling fast and if you don’t act quickly, meaning within a few days, they are often gone/sold.

for saleYou can click on either chart for a larger version.


Top 10 showing no no‘s

October 26, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

What are the top 10 showing no no’s?  Realtor Magazine spoke with over 50 buyers agents to compile this list of the topp 10 worst home showing offences.  If your home is for sale, make sure you avoid these mistakes!

  1. Stalking homeowners – these are sellers that don’t leave the home for showings. They make showings very awkward for the buyers and if they try to be helpful it only makes matters worse.
  2. Pets – pets that are left to roam the house during a showing can distract buyers especially if the buyers are not animal lovers. Even crated pets create distractions if they whine or bark. Then the cat walking on the kitchen counters can also be a big turn off. If possible remove pets for showings. (more…)