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November 27, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

Is your home on the market or are you getting ready to put it on the market?  One big thing that you can do to help sell your home is free and is simply declutter!   No matter how tidy and wonderful your home is, if your countertops are covered in your stuff or opening a closet is a hazard because of items falling out, buyers are turned off and it makes your home appear too small.

Do you have bookcases? Make sure that the shelves are not crammed full of stuff.  Have some books on the shelves, but have plenty of space as well. Put things you are not using in storage.

How are your countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms? Three to four appliances are all that should be seen on your kitchen counters.  Pack away appliances you don’t need or put them in cupboards.  Clean your bathroom counters off except for soap and a towel, put everything in the cabinets. The kitchen and bathrooms are also areas where people are looking for cleanliness and clutter suggests the opposite.

Are there landslides when you open your closets?  Put half your clothes in storage to make your closets appear larger, also storage closets should be weeded out and not appear over stuffed.

If you have too much stuff, rent a storage container.  They can be delivered to your home, you fill it up and it is picked up and taken to storage.  Whatever you do, don’t pile all your excess stuff in the garage, the garage needs to appear spacious as well!

Storage Options

April 23, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

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