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November 28, 2012 |  Article By :   | 

Do you have my app – the Results Radar app?  If you are a serious buyer or just someone that likes to know about homes that are for sale in the Twin Cities my free Results Radar app is a must for you!

Once you have the app on your phone you simply turn on the radar and point your phone at a home that is for sale or move it around and it will show you all the homes for sale in the direction you are pointing.  Choose the one you want to find out about and it will give you all the available information without having to contact anyone or write down any phone numbers or addresses.  It also allows you to save listings, set up showings, etc all from your phone.

If you are a buyer it is a very useful tool when you are driving around areas you want to live in and it is ideal for people who are just curious about real estate.

Download it now and give it a try, you will wonder why you did not have it sooner! Simply text the word:  WENDY to 651-433-6400 or  click here for more detailed information and instructions, then POINT, SHOOT, READ!